Executive Office of Policy, Planning and Evaluation

In the Executive Office of Policy, Planning and Evaluation, we strive to improve health by developing, supporting, and evaluating public health initiatives. We do this at the state, local, and federal level in strong partnership with a range of partners, including tribal nations, health care providers, communities, and academia.

Our work can take the form of new legislation, regulations, or policies and practices. Policy research, design, and advancement is central to our work​.

We do this by:

  • Offering policy advice, strategies, and standards for internal and external partners.
  • Leading and supporting agency wide initiatives with community impact and design, such as reaccreditation, foundational public health services, and operationalizing our agency’s Transformational Plan.  
  • Supporting the creation of regulations and policies that help the public and the agency implement new laws and programs.
  • Measuring our impact through policy design and evaluation.
  • Creating an overarching policy agenda that aligns our actions with our strategic priorities.

Imagine what’s possible when our agency priorities align to focus on the key health issues to improve health for all. That’s our overarching goal.