Recommended References for Sanitary Surveys

For Surveyors to Carry in the Field

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Arsenic In Drinking Water 331-167

AWWA-PNWS Cross Connections Can Create Health Hazards—5 brochures

Chlorine Contact Time for Small Water Systems 331-343

Coliform Information Packet (teal folder) 331-258

Coliform Public Health Advisory Packet (red folder) 331-260

Cross-Connection Control For Small Water Systems Guidance Document 331-234

Disinfections and Disinfection Byproducts Stage 1 Rule 331-254

Emergency Drinking Water Sources 331-317

Emergency Response Planning Guide For Public Water Systems (binder) 331-211

Getting Drinking Water Information 331-185

Groundwater Sources Under the Direct Influence of Surface Water (GWI) 331-216

Group A Public Water Systems Chapter 246-290 WAC (CD version) 331-010

Lead In School Drinking Water 331-261

Nitrate Public Health Advisory Packet (blue folder) 331-259

Operating Permit Program Plan Adequacy Table 331-257

Owning and Managing a Drinking Water System 331-084

Preventative Maintenance Program Guide for Small Public Water Systems Using Ground Water 331-351

Responding to Pressure-Loss Events 331-338

Responding to Threats to Your Water System 331-183

Sanitary Protection of Reservoirs—Hatches 331-249

Sanitary Protection of Reservoirs—Vents 331-250

Simple Fixes for Wellhead Openings 331-232

Start-Up Shut-Down Assistance For Seasonal Non-Community Water Systems (binder) 331-314

Troubleshooting Bladder Pressure Tanks 331-342

Truck Transportation Emergency Water Supply for Public Use 331-063

Water Rates: Paying For Drinking Water 331-327

Water Shortage Response Plans for Small Public Drinking Water Systems 331-316

Recommended EPA References

Publications can be downloaded or ordered through EPA's website.

Arsenic & Clarifications to Compliance: A Quick Reference Guide (816-F-01-004)

Consumer Confidence Report Rule: A Quick Reference Guide (816-F-02-026)

Cross-Connection Control: A Best Practices Guide (816-F-06-035)

Cross-Connection Control Manual (816-R-03-002)

Lead and Copper Rule: A Quick Reference Guide (816-F-04-009)

Taking Stock of Your Water System: A Simple Asset Inventory for Very Small Drinking Water Systems (816-K-03-002)

Other Recommended References

ERWOW information portfolio—available from Evergreen Rural Water of Washington

More Resources

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