Cross-Connection Control and Backflow Prevention

Waterworks Operator Certification Rule

The Waterworks Operator Certification Rule (Chapter 246-292 WAC) includes three new Cross-Connection Control related sections:

  1. Cross-Connection Control Specialist (CCS) duties
  2. Backflow Assembly Tester (BAT) duties
  3. Field test report content

We've developed a Sample Backflow Preventer Inspection and Field Test Report to complement the rule. This report should help backflow assembly testers (BATs) and water systems comply with the minimum test report content requirements in the Operator Certification Rule.

Approved Backflow Prevention Assemblies List

Under WAC 246-290, backflow prevention assemblies that appear on the USC-Approved Assemblies List are acceptable for protection of the public water system.

Cross-Connection Control (CCC) Publications and Forms



Purveyors must use the Backflow Incident Report Form 331-457-F (Word | (PDF) to report backflow incidents to the agency.

Annual Summary Report (ASR) Forms

Purveyors must use the following forms to report CCC implementation activities, severe health hazard facilities protection, written CCC Program Plans (procedures and policies), and exceptions to mandatory premises isolation. Purveyors must submit completed forms to the agency upon request.

CCC Activities 331-155-F (Word) | CCC Activities 331-155-F (PDF)
Blue form for reporting on your system's CCC Activities.

CCC Severe Health Hazard 331-434-F (Word) | CCC Severe Health Hazard 331-434-F(PDF)
Grey form for reporting on your system's CCC Severe Health Hazards.

CCC Program Summary 331-154-F (Word) | CCC Program Summary 331-154-F (PDF)
Cream form for reporting information about your system's written CCC Program Plan.

Premises Isolation Exception 331-156-F (Word) | Premises Isolation Exception 331-156-F (PDF)
Green form for documenting the granting of an exception to a connection that would normally require premises isolation by an RPBA or approved AG. Complete one form for each exception granted.

Premises Isolation Exception Cancellation 31-571-F (Word) | Premises Isolation Exception Cancellation 31-571-F (PDF)
Form for documenting the cancellation of an existing exception.

Frequently Asked Questions (Word) | Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)
Answers to questions about how to properly complete Cross-Connection Control (CCC) Annual Summary Report forms.

Cross-Connection Control ASR Help Guide 331-574 (PDF)
Help for Completing and Submitting Cross-Connection Control Program Annual Summary Report (ASR) Forms.

Common ASR Errors (Word)
This document identifies several places on the Cross-Connection Control Annual Summary Report Forms where water systems may need some extra help to properly and accurately complete certain fields.

ASR Medical Category Information (Word)
Resource Information for Completing ASR Medical Category Table.

Backflow Assembly Tester (BAT) and Cross-Connection Control (CCC) Resource Information

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