Summary Financial Data

Financial and Utilization Summary Files

This data has been compiled from financial and utilization reports sent to the Department of Health by hospitals and has been certified by the officers of each hospital. Most spreadsheets have data from 1992 through 2014. The files are subsets of the entire database. Some of the subsets have calculations derived from submitted data. The department has aggregate financial and utilization data from 1975 through the most recent year. The data listed on this page comes from the Fiscal Year End Reporting System.

We have another data set called the quarterly database which has interim financial and utilization data that is more current than the fiscal year end data. We also have full reports submitted by each hospital on our Fiscal Year End webpage. All documents require Excel or free Excel Viewer.

Summary of financial data

Income Statement (Excel)

Balance Sheet (Excel)

Deductions from Revenue (Excel)

Financial Ratios (Excel)

Formulas (Word)

Rate Analysis (Excel)

Trend Review (Excel)

Volume Trends (Excel)

Miscellaneous data

If you have any questions contact our hospital finance specialist at 360-236-4210.