Community Hospital Year End Reports


Fiscal Year End Reports by Hospital

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The year end reports by year and then by hospital that can be selected below are the exact duplication of the files submitted to the Department of Health. The various forms can be viewed and printed by selecting the appropriate tab.The forms provided are:

Data - All the current reporting year data in spreadsheet format Transmittal - Cover page for the paper transmittal Info_Pg1 - Admissions, patient days, births, available beds Info_Pg2 Admissions, patient days, visits, and revenue by payor SS2_3_5_6 Employee benefits, rent lease expense, insurance, license and taxes exp SS4 Depreciation tables for property, plant, equipment SS8 Deductions from revenue table FS Balance sheet, income statement

CC's Cost Center

Unit of measure, full-time employees (FTEs), salaries, employee benefits, pro fees, supplies, purch srv., eepreciation, lease/rent, revenues, cost allocation statistics Prior Year All the prior reporting year data in spreadsheet format

Hospital Financial Blank Reporting Forms

Blank forms for use in reporting hospital aggregate financial and utilization data. Use these forms for reporting to the Department of Health.

If you have any questions contact our hospital finance specialist at 360-236-4210.