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Rules in Progress

The rule-making process is open to the public. The public is welcome to take part in helping us write rules. Rules are also known as regulations, Washington Administrative Code, or WAC. The rule-making process includes public notices and workshops, and usually a public hearing before a rule becomes final.

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Current rules in progress

In response to public comment received at the July 22, 2022, Examining Board of Psychology meeting, the board scheduled a series of rules workshops to take place in September 2022. These workshops gave the public a chance to provide feedback on the proposed changes to the licensure requirements for practicing psychology in Washington state. Each workshop focused on a specific topic and members of the public were asked to come prepared to offer ideas and solutions.

The board continues to review public comment received last fall and is working on drafting revisions to the current rules based on that comment. The draft revisions have been split up into more manageable portions concentrating on one topic at a time. At the last two board meetings the board has reviewed the first draft which concentrates on comments received regarding supervision hours. Future drafts will address the other topics included in the workshops.

At the January 20, 2023, board meeting the board voted on releasing the supervision hours draft after the department staff is able to make a few minor changes. The department is working on finalizing the draft with the requested changes and once completed, the draft will be available on the website and distributed via GovDelivery for the public to provide comment.

Board’s Rationale for Opening the Licensure Rules (PDF)

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