Power of Providers (POP) Initiative

Health care worker giving a child a vaccination

Welcome Health Care Providers!

Thank you for joining us, and thousands of other providers across the state of Washington, to encourage COVID-19 vaccination and work to reduce COVID-19 transmission, severe illness, and death.

Save this page and check back regularly for new resources and updated materials, the latest news on COVID-19 vaccines, and upcoming industry meetings and events.

The CDC recommends the 2023-2024 updated COVID-19 vaccines to protect against serious illness from COVID-19. Please refer to the Stay Up to Date with COVID-19 Vaccines (CDC) page for more information. The Washington State Department of Health is currently updating webpages and documents to align with the most recent CDC guidance.

About the POP Initiative


In 2021, the Department of Health established the POP initiative to help combat the devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic. The program has grown to include thousands of health care providers in many different roles, as well as several large and small health care organizations, across the state.

POP efforts have contributed to our state having one of the highest vaccination rates in the country. Endorsed by our state’s top medical organizations, we hope you will join this incredible effort today!

SAVE Intervention

We encourage providers to talk to patients using the SAVE intervention:

  • Seek: Seek your patients' COVID-19 vaccination status.
  • Ask/educate: If your patient isn't vaccinated, ask them about the vaccine and offer education if they're unsure.
  • Vaccinate: If your patient agrees to vaccination, provide them with a COVID-19 vaccine or a referral to a location that provides COVID-19 vaccination.
  • Empower: Empower your patients to share their vaccination status with the community.
Member Benefits

POP provides up to date, curated COVID-19 information, training opportunities, and educational materials for health care providers, both those who administer COVID-19 vaccines and those who don’t vaccinate but want to encourage vaccination. We’ll save you time and support you in improving patient communication, combatting misinformation, and making sure your staff has the latest clinical guidance.

When you join POP, we will send you a Community Vaccination Partner certificate you can display in your office and provide you with the latest information and resources through peer-to-peer webinars with free continuing education credit, a monthly e-newsletter, and more.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission
Partner with providers to understand and overcome health care barriers and engage, educate, and empower the people of Washington.

Our Vision
Establish partnerships with trusted health care professionals to ensure the health and safety of our communities.

Join Now

To join POP, fill out this brief registration form and we will reach out to welcome you to the program. If you have any questions about POP or the form, please reach out to us at powerofproviders@doh.wa.gov.

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Please use this flyer to share information about POP with your colleagues! (PDF)

POP Evaluation Reports

POP’s Evaluation Survey and Interviews


In the News


Upcoming Events

Peer-to-Peer Learning Webinars

Visit our webinars page to register and learn more about upcoming webinars and continuing education credits. Recordings of past POP webinars are also available.

Webinars Page


Add these updated recordings to your telephone systems as hold messages or waiting room playlist to encourage patients to get up to date on COVID vaccines.

English and Spanish Recordings for Phone Systems and Waiting Room Playlists

English Number One (mp3)
English Number Two (mp3)
Spanish Number One (mp3)
Spanish Number Two (mp3)

Free Patient Materials

Health care providers in Washington can access the POP Shop and order free materials to promote COVID-19 vaccination. The POP Shop allows you and your staff to order posters, stickers in multiple languages, informational brochures and flyers, discussion guides, and much more.

Resources to Share with Patients

Access patient materials in more than 50 languages:

Resources and Recommendations

General Public

Available Services and Service Locators

Toolkits and Social Media Resources

Posters and Handouts


Before, During, and After Pregnancy
Children and Youth

Toolkits and Social Media Resources

Posters and Handouts


Immunocompromised People and Others with Special Needs
Spanish Language Resources for Providers and Patients

General healthcare and public health

COVID-19 and vaccines

Behavioral health

Resources for Providers and Staff

Communication Resources

General Public

Toolkits and Social Media Resources

Discussion Guides

Other Vaccine Communication Resources

Before, During, and After Pregnancy
Children and Youth

Clinical Information

Standing Orders Templates
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) standing orders templates:
Other Clinical Information

Printable Resources


Training Videos and Webinar Recordings

Continuing Education Credits Available

Non-Credit Training Options

General Public

Children and Youth

Other (Non-Clinical) Information

Vaccination Resources
Equity Resources
Resources for Stress and Burnout

For more information about COVID-19 vaccines, visit COVID-19 Vaccine Information for Health Care Providers.

Please email questions to powerofproviders@doh.wa.gov.

If you are not a member of the POP Initiative, please join today!