Medical Cannabis Laws and Rules

Laws and Rules

The Cannabis Patient Protection Act codified into RCW 69.51A , integrates the medical market with the regulated recreational market. Under the act, the Department of Health adopted rules for a medical cannabis authorization database, training and certification of medical cannabis consultants, and product compliance. The department was also required to produce several bill-related reports.

Primary goals of the law

  • Clarify what is meant by the medical use of cannabis.
  • Ensure patients have access to higher quality products to meet their medical needs.
  • Allow for state sales and use tax breaks for medical cannabis patients who are entered into the authorization database.
  • Provide protection from arrest and prosecution for patients who are entered into the authorization database.

Medical cannabis laws

Medical cannabis rules

Growing, producing/processing, retail stores and cooperatives laws and rules – Liquor and Cannabis Board

Tax laws – Department of Revenue

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