Expected Submission Review Time is 75 days (More about our timeline)

What does this mean for my project? For planning purposes it’s important to understand that this estimate of review time is not the time it takes to review an entire project or receive a facility license.  A “submission” means a distinct set of information (typically plans, specifications, programs, etc.) given to construction review to analyze for compliance with state rules. After a submission is reviewed, there will often be comments that must be responded to and drawings that must be revised. After your design team revises plans and responds to comments, they submit those revisions as a new "submission." A project will often take several submissions to complete.

The number above is a rough estimate for an average submission. Submissions for larger projects will take longer. The construction review program experiences significant shifts in workload and bandwidth, so it’s always best to contact your assigned plan reviewer to get a more accurate read on how long a particular review may take.


Our team of plan reviewers consists of credentialed architects; electrical, mechanical, fire/life safety and plumbing specialists; and certified inspectors. We strive to remain consistent with those standards and eliminate duplicate reviews.

Review staff are assigned by region and facility type. For new projects please contact CRS for your assigned plan reviewer. For existing projects, please refer to your project comment form.

What we do

Construction Review Services (CRS) is a leader in developing practical and effective healthcare regulations at both the local and national level. Our active involvement with the International Code Council (ICC), National Fire Protection Associates (NFPA), and the Facility Guidelines Institute (FGI) helps to ensure our interpretations are based on the intent of the code. CRS's advocacy efforts have centered on the use of evidence-based design to protect the safety and well-being of patients. At the national level, CRS closely coordinates with the requirements of:

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