Facilities Reviewed by CRS

Expected Submission Review Time is 75 days (More about our timeline)

What does this mean for my project? For planning purposes it’s important to understand that this estimate of review time is not the time it takes to review an entire project or receive a facility license.  A “submission” means a distinct set of information (typically plans, specifications, programs, etc.) given to construction review to analyze for compliance with state rules. After a submission is reviewed, there will often be comments that must be responded to and drawings that must be revised. After your design team revises plans and responds to comments, they submit those revisions as a new "submission." A project will often take several submissions to complete.

The number above is a rough estimate for an average submission. Submissions for larger projects will take longer. The construction review program experiences significant shifts in workload and bandwidth, so it’s always best to contact your assigned plan reviewer to get a more accurate read on how long a particular review may take.

Facilities Reviewed by CRS

Facilities for which CRS plan review is required are shown in the table below. We provide technical assistance-based plan review for facilities such as kidney dialysis, unlicensed ambulatory surgery and similar health care-based building types.

Agency/Facility Type Rules
Ambulatory surgery facilities1,3 Chapter 246-330-WAC
Assisted living facilities2 (formerly boarding homes)
  • Contracted residential care services

Chapter 388-78A WAC
Chapter 388-110 WAC

Childbirth centers (as maternity homes)1 Chapter 246-329 WAC
Critical access hospitals13 Chapter 246-320 WAC
Enhanced services facility Chapter 388-107  WAC
Kitchens in licensed health care facilities Chapter 246-215 WAC
Hospice care centers1, 3 Chapter 246-335 WAC
Hospitals1, 3 Chapter 246-320 WAC
Kidney centers (end-stage renal disease (ESRD)1, 3 NFPA 101, 2012 Edition
Mobile health care units licensed under a hospital3 Chapter 246-320 WAC
Nursing homes, including soldiers and veterans homes1, 23 Chapter 388-97 WAC
Pharmacy: Hospital and nursing home-based1 Chapter 246-320 WAC and Chapter 388-97 WAC
Private alcohol and chemical dependency (PACD) hospitals1 Chapter 246-324 WAC
Psychiatric hospitals1, 3 Chapter 246-322 WAC
Residential treatment facilities, including:1
  • Withdrawal management facility services - Adult and Youth
  • Secure withdrawal management and stabilization services - Adult and Youth
  • Intensive substance use disorder inpatient services
  • Low-intensity (recovery house) residential treatment services
  • Long-term treatment services
  • Youth residential services
  • Evaluation and treatment services -  Adult and Youth
  • Intensive behavioral health treatment services
  • Child long-term inpatient program services
  • Crisis stabilization unit services
  • Triage - Involuntary services and Voluntary
  • Competency evaluation and restoration treatment services
  • Pediatric transitional care
Chapter 246-337 WAC
Temporary worker housing1
  • Construction standard
  • Cherry harvest camps

Chapter 246-359 WAC 
Chapter 246-358 WAC
Chapter 246-361 WAC

1 Facilities are licensed by the Department of Health.

2 Facilities are licensed by the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS).

3 More information about Certificate of Need (CoN) is on its website

4 "The Guidelines" are adopted by reference in Chapter 246-320 WAC. To purchase a copy, see www.fgiguidelines.org

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