Facilities Reviewed by CRS

Expected Review Time . . . . . . . . 50 Days

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Facilities Reviewed by CRS

Facilities for which CRS plan review is required are shown in the table below. We provide technical assistance-based plan review for facilities such as kidney dialysis, unlicensed ambulatory surgery and similar health care-based building types.

Agency/Facility Type Rules
Ambulatory surgery facilities1,3 Chapter 246-330-WAC
Assisted living facilities2 (formerly boarding homes)
  • Contracted residential care services

Chapter 388-78A WAC
Chapter 388-110 WAC

Childbirth centers (as maternity homes)1 Chapter 246-329 WAC
Critical access hospitals13 Chapter 246-320 WAC
Enhanced services facility Chapter 388-107  WAC
Kitchens in licensed health care facilities Chapter 246-215 WAC
Hospice care centers1, 3 Chapter 246-335 WAC
Hospitals1, 3 Chapter 246-320 WAC
Kidney centers (end-stage renal disease (ESRD)1, 3 NFPA 101, 2012 Edition
Mobile health care units licensed under a hospital3 Chapter 246-320 WAC
Nursing homes, including soldiers and veterans homes1, 23 Chapter 388-97 WAC
Pharmacy: Hospital and nursing home-based1 Chapter 246-320 WAC and Chapter 388-97 WAC
Private alcohol and chemical dependency (PACD) hospitals1 Chapter 246-324 WAC
Psychiatric hospitals1, 3 Chapter 246-322 WAC
Residential treatment facilities, including:1
  • Withdrawal management facility services - Adult and Youth
  • Secure withdrawal management and stabilization services - Adult and Youth
  • Intensive substance use disorder inpatient services
  • Low-intensity (recovery house) residential treatment services
  • Long-term treatment services
  • Youth residential services
  • Evaluation and treatment services -  Adult and Youth
  • Intensive behavioral health treatment services
  • Child long-term inpatient program services
  • Crisis stabilization unit services
  • Triage - Involuntary services and Voluntary
  • Competency evaluation and restoration treatment services
  • Pediatric transitional care
Chapter 246-337 WAC
Temporary worker housing1
  • Construction standard
  • Cherry harvest camps

Chapter 246-359 WAC 
Chapter 246-358 WAC
Chapter 246-361 WAC

1 Facilities are licensed by the Department of Health.

2 Facilities are licensed by the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS).

3 More information about Certificate of Need (CoN) is on its website

4 "The Guidelines" are adopted by reference in Chapter 246-320 WAC. To purchase a copy, see www.fgiguidelines.org

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