Temporary Worker Housing Construction

Construction/Building Department

The Migrant Farmworker Housing (MFH) Program has building department services for those who want to develop or rehabilitate migrant farmworker housing facilities.

Building Department Services

The Construction Review Services (CRS) program provides the services listed below. The rules used are WAC 246-359 – Temporary Worker Housing Construction Standards. Services include:

  • Consultation
  • Plan review – submit your construction project plans with your construction application (PDF) and fee to the department. CRS staff members will review your plans and work with you.
  • Building permitting – submit your request for a building permit with your plan review application or a separate application and fee to the department.
  • Building inspections – CRS staff members will track the progress of your construction project and will conduct required inspections at critical points throughout the construction. CRS staff will notify you of any corrections required.
  • Final approval/Certificate of Completion – When CRS staff completes the final inspection and approves the completed project, CRS will issue a Certificate of Completion for the project. This is not approval to occupy the facility.
  • Check Construction Project Status

Option for Building Permit Source

If you plan to build new or rehabilitate existing migrant farmworker housing, you have the option of going through your local building department or going through our Migrant Farmworker Housing Program. Some reasons for using our program staff members are that the fees are lower and the review and permitting processes are faster. Additionally, the Temporary Worker Housing construction standards are slightly less stringent and there may be less construction cost.

Contact us with any questions you may have.