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We know the field of emergency care is rapidly requiring electronic patient records. Quality improvement is just one reason for this transition. Our goal is to assist you in making that transition.

Step 1: Assess your WEMSIS needs

  • If you use your own National EMS Information System (NEMSIS)-compliant electronic patient care record software: You may use WEMSIS to run reports on your data and benchmark with other data in the system. Contact your software vendor to 1) verify it is NEMSIS version 3-compliant, and 2) upload your records to WEMSIS via web service in real time. The more frequently your data is uploaded to WEMSIS, the more timely your reports will be.
  • If you don't keep electronic care patient records or want to replace your software: You may use WEMSIS to access its run form, to perform record management and to run reports. Data is best entered into WEMSIS in a stationary office setting. If you wish to use software in the field, here's how to find a NEMSIS-compliant software vendor.

Step 2: Contact us

  • Email us at wemsis@doh.wa.gov and we'll create an account for you and your service.
  • We may ask you to provide some information about yourself such as role in your service, contact information, etc.
  • We may ask you to provide information on your service such as service identification (ID), address, transport or non-transport status, etc.
  • In some cases, to secure the privacy and integrity of service accounts, we may require a known sponsor from your service or EMS region.

Step 3: Familiarize yourself with WEMSIS

  • You may access WEMSIS online. Access to WEMSIS first requires user authentication through SecureAccess Washington (SAW). To request the WEMSIS service through SAW, search for it by its code 5290. Email us if you need detailed instructions in obtaining WEMSIS approval through SAW.
  • You'll find ImageTrend (web provider of WEMSIS), provides helpful, comprehensive manuals and training videos. These materials are located under the "Help" tab once you log into WEMSIS. Later this year, we'll post our own training videos on the newer system.
  • Ask us. In many cases, we can assist your transition in using WEMSIS. We provide one-on-one or group webinar training for service administrators. Email us to propose dates and times for webinar training. Additionally, the WEMSIS webinar and the entire transcript given at the 2015 West Region EMS Conference is online. It'll give you an overview of WEMSIS and NEMSIS version 3 implementation.

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