Washington EMS Information System (WEMSIS)

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A Case for WEMSIS

The Washington Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Information System, WEMSIS, is the state's prehospital data repository for electronic patient care records. Participation in WEMSIS supports:

  • Description of statewide incidents of medical and injury emergencies
  • Identification of quality improvement measures
  • Evaluation of measures for process and policy improvement
  • Internal and external benchmarking
  • Local and regional leadership through data competency and evidence-based decision making

Electronic prehospital data gives instant access to existing records. It allows services, counties and regions to identify best practices and improve EMS response and patient outcomes. Department of Health gives destination hospitals WEMSIS access to enhance the continuity of care.

We need your support and participation to ensure our EMS system reflects the spirit of care we aspire to provide. Here is a brief list of the benefits experienced by participating in WEMSIS:

  • Improving patient care and outcomes
  • Providing a local, regional and state picture of what is experienced in the field as well as the demands placed upon our EMS system
  • Discovery of common issues faced in responding to and working in the field
  • Access to several standard quality improvement (QI) measures and reports in areas such as:
    • Audits
    • Billing
    • Response/run times
    • Medications administered
    • Procedures performed
    • Runs per month and year
    • Customer reports (ad hoc) to meet your service needs
  • Improving the EMS curriculum

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Contact Information

WEMSIS administrator
Phone: 360-236-2867
Fax: 360-236-2830
Email: wemsis@doh.wa.gov

Research, analysis and data section manager
Phone: 360-236-2821

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