Public Health Reporting for Electronic Health Record Incentive Programs

The expansion and use of electronic health records (EHRs) is a national goal established under the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act. The EHR Incentive Programs, referred to as Promoting Interoperability (prev. meaningful use), and the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act Quality Payment Program promote the adoption and use of interoperable health information technology by eligible hospitals, Critical Access Hospitals, eligible professionals, and eligible clinicians.

Reporting measures for exchanging data with public health agencies has been established at the national level for Promoting Interoperability and the Quality Payment Program.

Public Health and Clinical Data Registry Reporting Measures

  Electronic Lab Reporting Immunization Information Reporting Syndromic Surveillance Reporting Clinical Data Registry** Electronic Case Reporting**** Public Health Registries
Cancer Reporting Prescription Monitoring
Healthcare Provider Type              

Professional ***

N/A Yes Yes* Yes Yes Yes Yes
Eligible Hospital and Critical Access Hospitals *** Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes

* Urgent care providers will report under Syndromic Surveillance. Non-urgent care providers may claim Syndromic Surveillance Reporting as a public health registry option. The on-boarding processes are identical.

** Under new changes in 2019, the Public Health Reporting Measures are combined with the Clinical Data Registry. All programs listed in the table above are offered by the Department of Health except for the Clinical Data Registry which is under the Health Care Authority.

*** Please refer to the Eligibility and Registration page for information regarding Washington State Public Health Meaningful Use eligibility.

**** Electronic Case Reporting (eCR): The Department of Health will accept registrations of intent for eCR beginning January 1, 2018. eCR allows eligible providers and hospitals to report clinical and patient data for reportable diseases through an automated and secure process to the statewide disease surveillance system. For further information regarding the standards relevant to the submission of an electronic initial case report, please refer to the HL7 CDA® R2 Implementation Guide: Public Health Case Report, Release 2 - US Realm - the Electronic Initial Case Report (eICR).


Washington State Department of Health does not grant exclusions. It is up to the healthcare provider to determine if they can claim an applicable exclusion. Please refer to Eligibility Criteria for additional information.


  1. Register your intent to attest for any or all public health measures by completing the Meaningful Use Registration Form.
  2. Review the program measure specific requirements and guidance on the measure specific links above.
  3. You will be contacted by Washington State Department of Health program staff with instructions on how to proceed with each measure. Details for the onboarding process for each measure can be found on the measure specific links above.

Criteria for Active Engagement

Step 1 Registration

Registration of intent to submit data to public health is required within 60 days after the start of the EHR reporting period.

The healthcare provider or hospital must complete the Meaningful Use registration if they meet all of the following:

  • Intend to attest to a new public health measure for Meaningful Use
  • Meet criteria to send data to the Washington State Department of Health system (see Eligibility and Registration webpage
  • Have software certified for the measure

If the healthcare provider has previously registered for a measure, they do not need to re-register. If the healthcare provider plans to attest to a new public health measure, they will need to register for the measure.

Step 2 Testing and Validation

After registration, the healthcare provider may be placed in a hold queue. When Washington State Department of Health is ready to begin testing, the provider will receive an invitation to begin. Once in this phase, data providers will be expected to respond to requests from public health within 30 days. The testing and validation process ensures successful transmission and high data quality.

Step 3 Production

Washington State Department of Health will notify the healthcare provider when their data is fully validated and flowing to the Production system. To maintain production status, data providers will be expected to respond to requests from public health within 30 days.


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