Washington State Immunization Information System (WAIIS)

The Washington State Immunization Information System (WAIIS) is a statewide, lifetime immunization registry that tracks immunization records for people of all ages. The system is a secure, web-based tool for healthcare providers, healthcare organizations, health plans, and schools. It provides a free and user-friendly way for healthcare providers to keep immunization records up-to-date and to know which vaccines patients need. The WAIIS also gives providers tools for ordering state-supplied vaccines, managing vaccine inventory, running reports, and improving workflow.

The WAIIS is capable of exchanging immunization information with healthcare provider electronic health record systems (EHRs). The current standard for one-way and bi-directional interfaces is HL7 version 2.5.1, Release 1.5 (PDF). The State Health Information Exchange (HIE), OneHealthPort, is the preferred method for data exchange with the Department of Health. Message transport is available via https and web services.

If your organization/practice is not eligible for meaningful use or another EHR incentive program, you may still enroll in the WAIIS and work towards immunization data exchange with the WAIIS.

Please contact us at IISDataExchange@doh.wa.gov for more information.

Information for Eligible Providers and Hospitals

To participate as an eligible hospital or eligible provider you must have an Information Sharing Agreement with the WAIIS. In order to enroll in the WAIIS, you must have a licensed healthcare provider on staff, do business in Washington State, and provide immunization services. Immunization services include administering, referring, and reporting on immunizations.

Our policy is to execute WAIIS Information Sharing Agreements at the organization level. Check the List of Participating Organizations/Providers (PDF) to see if your organization has an information sharing agreement in place.

If you do not have an agreement in place, to begin the enrollment process, complete a WAIIS Information Sharing Agreement and follow the instructions on the form. Please note the enrollment/approval process may take several weeks to complete. You will not be able to register your intent for meaningful use or another EHR incentive program until after your agreement is processed.


You should not register intent to submit immunizations data for meaningful use or another EHR incentive program if your practice does not administer immunizations. The Office of Immunization and Child Profile does not grant exclusions or provide documentation to support exclusions.

Data Exchange Materials

The Washington State Immunization Information System (WAIIS) is a secure web-based tool developed and supported by Scientific Technologies Corporation (STC). The WAIIS supports bi-directional data exchange using Health Level 7 (HL7) messaging.

The following documents define the WAIIS HL7 data exchange standards:

Adding New Facilities to an Existing Interface:

We require new facilities to test their interface in our QA (test) system using production data before they actually begin submitting data in the production WAIIS. This testing helps to ensure quality data is submitted and, for Vaccines for Children (VFC) providers, helps to ensure successful inventory management of state-supplied vaccine. The Adding Facilities to an Interface document explains the process we use to add a new facility to an existing interface.

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