Public Health Registry – Prescription Review

In order to improve patient care and prevent prescription drug misuse the Washington State Department of Health supports electronic requests for Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) controlled substance dispensing data when received from authorized providers and hospitals via Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems. By allowing the request to come from, and the response to be displayed in the EHR system access to this important healthcare information becomes much more efficient for healthcare providers, further improves patient safety, and promotes public health.

Information for Eligible Providers and Hospitals

The department accepts electronic requests for PMP data from authorized users via healthcare organizations that are a trading partner of OneHealthPort, which administers Washington State's Health Information Exchange (HIE). The PMP has been designated a Public Health Specialized Registry so those interested in pursuing Meaningful Use (MU) incentives may receive credit for this incredibly important and useful integration.

PMP Web Portal Account Registration

Providers may register for an account to access the PMP web portal. The PMP web portal offers providers who don't work with an EHR system, or can't otherwise integrate PMP information to their EHR, the ability to view patient controlled substance history contained on the PMP. Web portal registration and access do not count toward Meaningful Use. Follow the online registration steps on the PMP website.

Onboarding Process

Step 1: Verify the EHR product

Step 2: Register with PMP

Step 3: Contact OneHealthPort (OHP) to begin the onboarding process

Early contact and communication with OHP will be critical to ensuring OHP's availability to your organization for technical support and testing support.

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