Asthma Resources For Medical Professionals

Good Asthma Care on a Desert Island (PDF) a six-page, easy-to-use summary of the EPR-3 guidelines developed in cooperation with the Washington Asthma Initiative.

Tools for Best-Practice Care


  • Spirometry is the only objective measure of lung function generally available in primary care. Peak flow is no longer recommended to diagnose or assess severity for asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). A third of patients with mild or severe asthma are identified by spirometry, and would otherwise be missed by history alone.
  • Spirometry allows you to evaluate for:
    • The presence of restrictive or obstructive defects in lung function.
    • The severity of obstructive defects in lung function.
    • Change in lung function over time.
  • For more information visit Spirometry 360.

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