For Asthma Educators

Teaching patients self-management skills is vital to controlling their asthma. Most patients lack the skills and knowledge they need to do this well.

Education should be provided at all points of care, including:

  • Clinics.
  • Emergency departments and hospitals.
  • Pharmacies.
  • Homes.
  • Schools.
  • Community sites.

Asthma Home Visits: The Three-Visit Model Tool Kit

Asthma home visiting is an effective intervention to help people with asthma gain control of their symptoms and improve their quality of life. From 2011-2014 the Washington State Department of Health Asthma Program partnered with various Federally Qualified Health Centers, county public health departments, tribal clinics and other organizations statewide to pilot a three-visit model.

This tool kit (PDF) is intended for organizations who want to start a new asthma home visit program or add to an existing program. It includes descriptions of each visit, pilot program data, lessons learned, successes, and more. The forms provided in the appendix of tools are for public use and can be edited to fit different organization's needs. The guidance provided in this tool kit is not intended to replace comprehensive training prior to providing home visiting services to the public.

Appendix of Tools

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