Patient Resources

Tools to Find Patient Resources

  • Abortion
      A comprehensive directory of trusted and verified abortion service providers and assistance resources
    • National Abortion Federation
      • Search for an abortion service provider
      • Free hotline for abortion provider information and financial assistance
      A comprehensive resource to help you understand how to get an abortion
    • Northwest Abortion Access Fund
      Help people pay for their abortion care by sending funding directly to the clinic. They also help people get to and from the clinic. And we make sure people traveling for care have a safe place to stay
  • Help Me Grow Washington
    A free service that connects parents and caregivers to resources in their community. Whether it’s understanding your child’s development, food assistance resources, free or low-cost health insurance, or pregnancy and parenting resources, they can help. Depending on where you live, the local and Help Me Grow statewide hotlines are ready to support you and your family.
  • Pregnant & Parenting Recovery Services
    Powered by Washington 211, you can use this site to find pregnancy and parenting services, including support for substance use, housing, child custody, intimate partner violence, and more.
  • Washington 2-1-1 (
    2-1-1 is the official state number to call for health and human services, such as food, utility assistance, emergency housing, crisis line, substance abuse programs, and legal assistance.

Pregnancy, Postpartum and Infant Care

Emergency Contraception
Immunizations and well-child care
Safe Haven

In Washington, a parent may anonymously hand over their unharmed newborn within 72 hours of birth. Without fear of criminal liability, at any hospital, staffed fire station, or staffed rural health clinic. The parent is not required to provide any identifying information to transfer the newborn. Call or text the 24/7 Hotline: 1-888-510-BABY(2229) for immediate assistance. In case of emergency, call 911. Parents must leave their infant with an on-duty staff member (also known as a qualified person) during a designated location’s hours of operation or when it is open.

A parent can transfer their unharmed baby to a qualified person at three types of locations where they won’t be held criminally liable:

  • Any hospital in the state of Washington -- the emergency department of a hospital is open 24 hours a day and is the safest drop-off location.
  • A staffed fire station when open.
  • A staffed rural health clinic when open.


Safe Sleep
Substance Use and Mental Health
Violence Prevention