Center for Epidemiology Practice, Equity, and Assessment

Who We Are

At the Center for Epidemiology Practice, Equity, and Assessment we are committed to building a community of epidemiology practice that leverages the scientific rigor of epidemiology to critically evaluate how social determinants of health impact the inequitable distribution of health and wellness.

Epidemiologists study the distribution of diseases and other health related events in specific populations and why. Epidemiology is concerned not only with disease but with social conditions that affect health. Our work provides insights for understanding the causes of social inequities in health and creating public health practices that work to address them.

The core areas of work at the center include:

Equity and Health Assessment

We build collaborations with local, tribal, and tribal epidemiology center colleagues related to data, as well as tools to support data translation.

Population Survey Operations

We design, administer, analyze, and report large population health surveys, including:

  • Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS)
  • Healthy Youth Survey (HYS)
  • Child Wellness Survey (in development)

Epidemiology and Biostatistical Methods

We develop and implement new methods to promote health equity and support best practices for modeling and advanced analytics.

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