Complaint Response Unit for Environmental Public Health

Our Mission: To help our programs and services provide equitable, timely and responsive actions to those we serve.

Our Vision: We envision clear and consistent communication working in collaboration with our communities to achieve equity for all.


Drayage Trucker Restroom and Lactation Access - State law 70.54.480 RCW protects access to restrooms and lactation spaces for drayage truck drivers.

Motor Carrier Comfort Facilities - State law 70.54.500 RCW protects access to restrooms for motor carriers when delivering or picking up goods from businesses in Washington state.

Private Detention Facilities - People detained at private detention facilities have the right to report health and safety concerns about their detention.

EPH Informatics, Data, Education and Analytics (IDEA) - Provides support, resources, and consultation to Environmental Public Health professionals in the division and local health jurisdictions to align with public health data modernization efforts.


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Mail: Complaint Response Unit, EPH Office of the Assistant Secretary, PO Box 47820, Olympia WA 98504