Rulemaking for Environmental Public Health

The Office of Assistant Secretary coordinates rulemaking for the Environmental Public Health Division (EPH), which includes rules for drinking water, environmental health and safety, and radiation protection. 

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Rulemaking Team

  • Katitza Holthaus - Regulatory Affairs Manager
  • Peter Beaton - Rules Coordinator
  • Nina Helpling - Rules Coordinator
  • Jocelyn Jones - Rules Coordinator
  • Ashlie Laydon - Rules Coordinator

Rulemaking Process

Rulemaking is the process used to create, change, or delete rules to protect public health. The general rulemaking process looks like this:


A CR-101, or Preproposal Statement of Inquiry, gives notice of the rulemaking activity. This document is filed with the Office of the Code Reviser to be published in the Washington State Register.

Draft Language

EPH rules coordinators work with program staff, rules advisory committee (RAC) or technical advisory committee (TAC), other state agencies, and the public to draft changes to rules.


A CR-102, or a Proposed Rulemaking, includes the proposed changes to rule language, announcement and details of the public hearing, a cost-benefit analysis, and small business economic impact statement, if necessary. This document is filed with the Office of the Code Reviser to be published in the Washington State Register and begins the formal public comment period. The CR-102 must be published in the register at least 20 days prior to the public hearing.

Public Hearing

A public hearing is held to take testimony on the proposed changes and hear public comment. Notice of the public hearing is provided in the CR-102 and posted on our website.


The CR-103P, or Rulemaking Order, is filed with the Office of the Code Reviser once rules are finalized and adopted. The date the rule change(s) will go into effect is documented on the CR-103P. A concise explanatory statement (CES) explaining the changes will be posted on our website.

Expedited/Emergency Rulemaking

Changes to rules may also be done through expedited rulemaking process or emergency rulemaking process. More information on these can be found in Chapter 34.05 RCW.