Infant at Work Program

The Department of Health established an Infant at Work Program in July 2015. The program was created to allow eligible employees who are new mothers, fathers, or legal guardians to bring their baby to work with them from the age of 6 weeks to 6 months.

This program supports a positive work/life balance, honors the employee's contribution to the department, and shows that the department practices what we encourage in our communities; supporting parent and infant bonding, parental well-being, healthy infant development, and breastfeeding.

As a public health agency, this program aligns with our mission as we know and support the value of parent and infant bonding in the earliest states of life.

  • Infants that have participated and graduated the program: 75
    (As of October 3, 2018)

Policy and Procedures

Enrollment Forms for the Program

Breastfeeding Resources and Policy

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