Mobile Workforce

In recognition of the benefits mobile work offers employees and the agency, the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) began embracing mobile work early. We are now a fully hybrid workforce, meaning most employees can choose where to work.

Who's Eligible

Mobile work eligibility depends on the requirements of each position and whether they can be met remotely. Whenever applicable, people work with their supervisor to make a mobile work plan. This can mean an employee works most often from home but periodically works from a physical DOH location.

Support for Mobile Workers

Our agency has years of experience providing technical and business support to employees regardless of their work location. This includes a skilled IT service desk team, options to order office supplies, virtual ergonomic assessments, and checklists for mobile work success.


If an employee is responsible for a child or adult who needs supervision, someone other than the employee needs to be their primary care provider during work hours. Our Infant at Work Program offers an important exception to this rule.