Employee Engagement and Well-Being

Washington State Department of Health (DOH) employees are our most essential partners in cultivating a workplace that is engaging and empowering for all. We believe that every employee deserves to experience a sense of purpose, respect, connection, and belonging in the workplace.

At DOH, we:

  • Listen to understand employees’ experiences and perspectives
  • Recognize and celebrate employees and teams
  • Take action to improve equity and employee experience across the agency
  • Build connections between employees and their division, the agency, and our mission
  • Advocate for employees’ growth and development
  • ​​Encourage whole-person wellness for employees

We offer:

  • Team building and culture activities, such as workshops, events, and consultations
  • Daily movement and meditation classes
  • Workplace well-being and resiliency programs, including stress reduction training
  • Employee resource groups
  • Movement workstations, such as treadmill and bike desks (on-site)
  • Wellness equipment for check-out
  • Preventative health opportunities, such as on-site vaccinations and mammography
  • Employee recognition and celebrations
  • And more!