Water Use Efficiency

Data Collection Tool

The WUE Data Collection Tool (Excel) helps you collect all of your monthly water use for each type of customer and water pumped from your source. Use this data to make your annual reporting easier. The two orange boxes in the last column for each reporting year can be copied into the online annual report.

The tool will also give you more accurate information by eliminating data calculation errors. It automatically calculates your monthly data into yearly totals. From there, the data is used to populate a year-to-year chart that compares water pumped, consumed, and lost in the system.

The charts are automatically generated based on the data you input from each reporting year. There are a total of 13 years of monthly data (2007-2020) that you could fill in; so, if you have information from previous reporting years, fill it in and measure the progress you've made.

The tool is for your own data collection needs. It's not required that you use it, nor should you submit it to us.

How to use the tool

Please follow ALL of the directions below or the file won't work for you.

  1. Click to download it to your computer (Excel).
  2. Save it to your computer.
  3. Because this Excel Tool uses macros to help you move between pages, when you first open the tool, you may see this warning: "cannot run the macro..." Go towards the top of the page and select the "Options" tab in the warning box. Click "Enable this content." Then click OK. (See sample Security Alert box below.)
  4. Click on a reporting year and enter your data in the blue boxes. Don't enter data or delete the formulas in gray boxes, as they contain important information that makes the Excel file work correctly.
  5. From any page, use the button on the top left corner titled "Return Main Menu" to view other reporting years and see yearly comparison charts.

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