Accurate WUE Data

Importance of Accurate Data

Collecting and reporting accurate water use data is not only a state requirement (see our WUE Rule Background Information Page) but provides you with valuable information about your water system. Evaluating usage data ensures that it is operating optimally and allows you to focus on providing safe and reliable drinking water to your customers at the best possible value. We provide resources on this page to help you understand the value in running an efficient water system, the benefits of accurate reporting, and training materials to ensure you're getting the most out of your water meter readings.

Accurate Data Benefits Your Water System

Water systems that suffer from persistent leakage or unauthorized consumption are not financially sustainable. Accurately reading, collecting, and reporting water meter data allows you to recapture lost revenue. With better data, you can take strategic steps to remedy the cause of high water-loss, which can save your water system money by lowering operating costs.

Inaccurate Data

There is a good chance your water use data might be inaccurate if you're reporting:

  • Negative water loss.
  • Zero water loss.
  • Less than 2 percent water loss.
  • More than 50 percent water loss.

This could be caused by:

Inaccurate meters or incorrectly installed meters.

  • Incorrect meter readings or software errors.
  • An incorrect understanding of terminology and what constitutes authorized consumption.


Free Water Audit Software

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