Fluoroscopic X-ray Rule Revision

What's Happening?

We are considering amending WAC 246-225-050, Fluoroscopic X-ray systems, to address advances in technology and to address occupational and public radiation exposure.


The fluoroscopic X-ray rules have not been updated in nearly 30 years. With innovation and development in computers, software processing, X-ray detectors, fluoroscopic modalities, and X-ray tube capabilities, advancements in fluoroscopic X-ray machines have far outpaced the rules in effect today. Fluoroscopic X-ray machines are capable of substantial and prolonged output of ionizing radiation and account for some of the highest radiation doses delivered both directly to patients and indirectly to X-ray machine operators and other staff during procedures.

Get Involved!

A rules advisory committee will be assembled to draft proposed rules, considering advances in technology, federal guidelines, and other states regulations. If you would like to participate on our rules advisory committee, contact Ashlie Laydon

Rulemaking Files

X-ray Healing Arts - CR-101 (PDF)


Ashlie Laydon, Rules Coordinator

Matthew Bullock, Radiation Health Physicist