X-Ray Facility Fees Rule Revision

What's Happening?

We have updated the fees for X-Ray facilities after determining the X-ray facilities program is not generating sufficient revenue to cover its costs.

On October 30, 2023, the Washington State Department of Health (department) filed WSR 23-22-095, a rule-making order to adopt the proposed changes to WAC 246-254-053, regarding radiation machine facility fees. 

The adopted changes include fee increases to cover the costs of operating the Radiation Machine Facility Program and changes to machine categories within the fee schedule that needed to be updated to allow the department to better track and manage X-ray Machines across Washington. This will allow the department to be more efficient in regulatory and inspection processes.  

The adopted rule is the same as the proposed rule filed as WSR 23-17-128. We received no written comments. One person provided testimony at the hearing held on September 26. These updates will not change any professional license fees that radiation professionals currently pay. This rule change will only apply to facilities that have X-Ray facilities.

Rulemaking Files


What's This?

Date Filed


Announces intent of rulemaking.

January 27, 2022

CR-102 Proposed rulemaking. August 21, 2023
CR-103 Rulemaking order. October 30, 2023
Economic Impact Analysis Explains the necessity and justification for the proposed fees.  


Peter Beaton, Rules Coordinator

Christopher Smith, Health Radiation Physicist

Richard Montemarano, Health Radiation Physicist