Radiation Therapy Rule Revision

What's Happening?

We are considering amending rules related to radiation therapy, including WAC 246-225-120 and WAC 246-225-130, to establish standards for machine performance and quality control. This rulemaking will not limit the amount of radiation that may be delivered. Only amendments to machine generated ionizing radiation will be considered, and not radiopharmaceuticals or radioactive materials.


Radiation therapy is a high dose modality of radiation used in lifesaving efforts for those diagnosed with cancer. The current rules cannot effectively regulate the use of radiation therapy because of advancements in technology. Rulemaking is necessary to ensure that patients are receiving the correct prescribed dose at the correct location.

Get Involved!

A rules advisory committee will be assembled to draft proposed rules, considering advances in technology, federal guidelines, and other states regulations. If you would like to participate on our rules advisory committee, contact Ashlie Laydon.

Rulemaking Files

X-ray Healing Arts - CR-101 (PDF)


Ashlie Laydon, Rules Coordinator

Melvin Weatherly, Radiation Health Physicist