Radiation Safety Standards for the Use of Security Screening Systems

What’s Happening?

The Department of Corrections (Corrections) is establishing a comprehensive security screening program using ionizing radiation to detect contraband under clothing and within body cavities to promote drug-free facilities. We are developing new rules to establish radiation safety standards for this program.


Second Substitute Senate Bill (2SSB) 5695 was passed into law in 2022 and requires Corrections to establish a comprehensive security screening program at the Washington corrections center for women and at a state correctional facility for men, as part of an expanded pilot program to create drug-free facilities.

The security screening system must be able to detect contraband under clothing and in body cavities. As part of this program, Corrections must develop a method to track and maintain records on the frequency of body scans on any individual to comply with any maximum allowable monthly and annual radiation dose limits set by us. The security screening system must also meet federal and state radiation safety standards. We are the state radiation control agency with sole responsibility for administration of regulatory, licensing, and radiation control laws.

The purpose of this rulemaking is to establish radiation standards in response to 2SSB 5695. These rules will set dosage limits and establish safeguards to protect the public’s health and safety from overexposure of radiation.

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Informal Comment Period – August 21 through September 18

Review draft rules and provide feedback. Submit written comments to radruleupdates@doh.wa.gov.

Draft rules (PDF)

Rulemaking Files

Document What's This? Filed
CR-101 (PDF) Announces intent of rulemaking August 23, 2022


Ashlie Laydon, Rules Coordinator

Christopher Smith, Radiation Health Physicist

Richard Montemarano, Radiation Health Physicist