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Welcome Power of Providers (POP) Members!

Thank you for joining us, and thousands of other providers across the state of Washington, in encouraging COVID-19 vaccination and working to reduce COVID-19 transmission, severe illness and death.

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We encourage POP members to talk to each of their patients using the SAVE intervention:

SEEK: Seek your patients' COVID-19 vaccination status.

ASK/EDUCATE: If your patient isn't vaccinated, ask them about the vaccine and offer education if they're unsure.

VACCINATE: If your patient agrees to vaccination, provide them with a COVID-19 vaccine or a referral to a location that provides COVID-19 vaccination.

EMPOWER: Empower your patients to share their vaccination status with the community.

In the News

POP Provider Spotlight

The POP Team talks to inspiring providers as part of our ongoing outreach to POP members. We will share their successes in encouraging COVID-19 vaccines through an ongoing series of POP Provider Spotlights. In this spotlight Alexis Telles, the Medical Incident Commander at the Washington Corrections Center for Women (WCCW), describes the strategies she and her team used to manage the unique challenges they faced managing the COVID-19 pandemic in a correctional facility.

Alexis Telles, MSN, RN, CMCN, CMSRN

“There are between 450 and 550 people living at the WCCW and there is no mandate requiring residents to get COVID-19 vaccines. Our team relied on education to encourage vaccinations.

Working in a prison or jail is much like working in any public health clinic. We see the same things, from chronic to acute conditions. It is a diverse population with diverse health care needs. The WCCW population is susceptible to the same myths and falsehoods about COVID-19 and vaccinations as the outside community.

Just as with other communities, the pandemic caused the residents to lose some of their privileges and freedoms. Restriction to spaces was common to prevent the spread of the disease. The chapel was used as a makeshift isolation ward. This was difficult for everyone.”

When they received vaccines, the team prepared for a vaccination event for all residents. They laid the groundwork for vaccine acceptance with an extensive education and outreach campaign, utilizing trusted messengers, electronic media, factsheets, and one-on-one counseling. Staff educated Tier Representatives, residents who are trusted messengers elected by their peers, about COVID-19 and gave them information to address resident concerns.

At the same time, staff sent electronic messages to residents, adapted public health fact sheets to be easier to understand and appropriate for a correctional setting, and provided counseling to residents who were anxious about the vaccine. Alexis explained, “The message we focused on was- protect your community and return to pre-pandemic freedoms.” These efforts culminated in a two-day vaccination event, which residents could choose to opt out of. Almost 300 people were vaccinated (about 60% of residents).

When asked if she had any advice for other health care providers, Alexis responded, “Completely educate yourself so that you can properly educate your patients. They will have a lot of questions and you owe it to them to have solid, factual information. It means a lot to them, and it means a lot to the community for health care providers to all be on the same page.”

Alexis Telles, MSN, RN, CMCN, CMSRN, has been the Medical Incident Commander at the WCCW since 2017.


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Health care providers in Washington now have access to the Department of Health’s POP Shop, an ordering system for free materials to promote COVID-19 vaccination. The POP Shop allows you and your staff to order posters, stickers in multiple languages, informational brochures and flyers, discussion guides, and much more.

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Add these updated MP3 recordings in English (32 seconds) and Spanish (49 seconds) to your telephone systems as hold messages to encourage those who call in to get up to date on their COVID vaccines with just one bivalent dose.

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