Washington State Immunization Information System

The Washington State Immunization Information System (IIS) (PDF) is a lifetime registry that keeps track of immunization records for people of all ages. The system is a secure, web-based tool for healthcare providers and schools. The IIS connects people who receive, administer, record, and order vaccines in Washington.

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Accessing the IIS

Current users access the IIS through Secure Access Washington by adding the IIS as a service. For more information about this process see the FAQ here (PDF).

Watch a video: Provider Enrollment in the WA IIS

How to Get Access

  • Review the System Requirements to see if your organization's technology meets the minimum requirements to access the system.
  • If your organization is enrolled in the IIS, contact the IIS Help Desk at 1-800-325-5599 or WAIISHelpDesk@doh.wa.gov to setup a user account.
  • If your organization is not enrolled in the IIS, then your organization must complete an IIS Information Sharing Agreement as a first step to get access. Use the table below to download the right sharing agreement for your organization.

These sharing agreements are for organizations and institutions, not individuals users. Check with your organization to see if they are already enrolled. You can also check the Participating Organizations list (PDF).


Type Sharing Agreement

WA IIS Information Sharing Agreement Viewing Immunization Data (PDF)

Immunization Information View Only Agreement: This agreement is for institutions with licensed healthcare providers that wish to view immunization data stored within the IIS to assist in immunization verification and documentation. This includes public school districts, private schools, Head Start, and ECEAP Grantee Agencies with licensed healthcare providers on staff. Access is available through a web-based browser.


WA IIS Information Sharing Agreement Exchange Of Immunization Data (PDF)

Immunization Information Exchange Agreement: This agreement is for licensed healthcare organizations, providers and schools that wish to exchange immunization data with the IIS to provide or coordinate healthcare for their patients. This includes public and private healthcare providers licensed to administer immunizations in Washington State, providers participating in the Washington State Childhood Vaccine Program, authorized health plans, and school nurses using the School Module. Access may be available through a web-based browser, secure file transfer, or through an electronic interface.

Hard copies of the sharing agreements with original signatures must be mailed to:

Washington State Department of Health
Office of Immunization and Child Profile
PO Box 47843
Olympia, WA 98504-7843

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