WIC Policy and Procedures

This page contains policies for the Washington WIC Program. If you have questions about policy and procedures, please contact staff at the state WIC office:

Policy chapters revised to align with the Cascades software have a different format than those written for the Client Services system. We are in the process of revising the Client Services chapters to reflect the terminology and practices used in Cascades.

All files are in PDF format unless otherwise noted.

Required Local Agency Policies, Permissions or Approvals

The Required Local Agency Policies, Approvals or Permissions (PDF):

  • Lists required local agency policies for each chapter of the WIC Policy and Procedure manual.
  • Identifies situations when a local agency must have permission or approval from the state WIC program to perform an action but doesn’t have to develop a written policy.

Providing Remote WIC Services

    Follow these draft policies when providing remote WIC services. We will reassess these policies and update them as we learn more.

    Volume 1

    2022 Revision Log (PDF) (October 2022)

    Volume 1 Revision Log (PDF) (October 2022)

    Volume 2

    We are revising all Volume 2 chapters. Completed chapters are posted.

    Volume 2 Revision Log (PDF) (October 2022)