Healthcare Professionals

Washington State Newborn Screening Program Materials

Healthcare Provider Manual (PDF)

Guide to newborn screening in Washington State for healthcare professionals.

Laboratory Follow-Up Protocols (PDF)

Testing methods, cutoff tables for the disorders, results classifications, and corresponding follow-up actions.

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

FAQs such as: How common are newborn screening disorders? Why collect a second screen? Can parents refuse screening?

Disorders Detected by Washington Newborn Screen (PDF)
Reference for healthcare providers about disorders detected by the Washington State Newborn Screen, prevalence of each condition, testing methods, and benefits of early treatment.

More Information about the Disorders Screened

Specimen Receiving Hours

Fee for Screening

Refusal of Testing

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Specimen Collection Cards

Order Specimen Collection Cards

Facility ID Number Directories
Map of regions and list of ID numbers used in completing the collection cards.

How to Fill Out Collection Cards (PDF)
Instructions for completing the demographic information section of the newborn screening specimen collection cards.

Collection Guidelines

Low Birthweight and Sick Babies (PDF)
Additional requirements are necessary when infants are premature, sick, or are administered substances that interfere with newborn screening tests. This document is for facilities that have NICUs or Special Care Nurseries.

Do's and Don'ts (PDF)
A best practice guide for Newborn Screening in Washington State.

Specimen Collection Instructions
Step-by-step instructions and photographs for proper collection and handling of a newborn screening dried blood spot specimen.

Unsatisfactory Specimen Examples
Photographs and possible causes of common specimen collection errors.

Newborn Screening Educational Resources

Newborn Screening Parent Postcard (PDF)
A colorful overview of newborn screening in Washington State for new or expecting parents. Also available in Spanish.

Disorders Detected by Newborn Blood Spot Screening (PDF)
An overview of the disorders detected by newborn blood spot screening in Washington State, including the benefits of early detection and treatment. Also available in Spanish.

Educational Packet for Healthcare Professionals (PDF)
Newborn screening handouts and guidelines for health care professionals.

Prenatal & Newborn Screening Pamphlet (PDF)
Prenatal and newborn screening information for parents, including a screening checklist for each trimester of pregnancy through the newborn period. Produced by Baby's First Test. Prenatal & Newborn Screening Pamphlet - Spanish (PDF)

Parent's Page
Web page providing parent education about newborn screening, including FAQs and how to obtain sickle cell screening results. The Newborn Screening program encourages families to discuss any questions they have regarding newborn screening with their healthcare provider.

Informational booklets for parents are available in several languages.

Critical Congenital Heart Defect Screening (Word)
State law requires a pulse oximetry screening of newborns to identify Critical Congenital Heart Defects (CCHD). This fact sheet explains what is CCHD, how the screening works, and includes space for care providers to insert contact information for providers who can do screening.

Supplemental Forms

Live Birth Roster for Hospitals and Birth Centers (PDF)
Birth facilities submit this form weekly to the newborn screening program to report all live births. This helps ensure all babies born in a hospital or birth center in Washington State receive newborn screening.

Live Home-Birth Roster (PDF)
Midwives submit this form to report home-birth(s) when they are unable to file the infant's birth certificate within one week of birth. This helps ensure all babies born in a home setting in Washington State receive newborn screening.

Home-Birth Payment Form for Infant's First Newborn Screen (PDF)
This payment form is used when an infant's initial specimen is collected in a home setting. Please include this Fee Increase August 2020 (PDF) insert in the “Newborn Screening Tests & Your Baby” pamphlet to explain to parents the use of the payment form. Midwives submit this form to the Newborn Screening Laboratory along with the infant's first newborn screening specimen.

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