American Public Health Association - National Public Health Information

Baby's First Test – National Clearinghouse for Newborn Screening Information

Watch Me Grow - Health Guide for Washington Babies

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - CDC Newborn Screening Page

Center on Human Development & Disability - University of Washington Clinics

Infants, Children, and Teens: health and safety from birth to teen years - Children's Health and Safety Information in Washington

Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute - Main Site for Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute - formerly NCCLS

Health Resources and Services Administration - HRSA Programs Page

Newborn Baby Safety Tips - Online Child Protection & Safety Guide from DSHS

National Institute of Child Health & Human Development - Guide for Children's Overall Health

Medline Plus: US National Library of Medicine - General Health Information Library

National Newborn Screening & Genetics Resource Center - Comprehensive Screening Page

Pacific Northwest Regional Genetics Group (PacNoRGG) - Comprehensive Genetic Services

Regional Genetics Clinics - Contact Information for Genetics Clinics in Washington

Save Babies Through Screening Foundation - Parent Resource on Newborn Screening

Washington Birth Data - Washington State Department of Health Center for Health Statistics

Washington EHDDI Program - Newborn Early Hearing Loss Detection, Diagnosis & Intervention Program

Washington State Board of Health - Public forum for development of public health policy

Washington State Local Health Departments - Local Health Departments

Washington State Public Health Association - Public Health Information for Washington

WithinReach - Health Guide for Washington Babies - Formerly Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies

Laboratories That Offer Additional Newborn Screening Testing

PerkinElmer Genetics, Inc. - Newborn Screening Laboratory (formerly Pediatrix Screening)

Mayo Medical Laboratories - Mayo Clinic - Offers expanded screening through hospitals, physicians and other health care providers ONLY