WIC Frequently Asked Questions

Are stores required to have all WIC approved foods available?

No. WIC authorized stores don't have to carry every WIC approved food. See page 2 of the WIC minimum inventory requirements (PDF). It lists the types and amounts of WIC foods that the store must carry.

What if the store doesn't have the foods they are required to carry as listed in WIC minimum inventory requirements?

Complete a WIC incident report form.

What if the store doesn't sell a certain WIC food I want to buy, but they aren't required to carry it?

Ask the store's customer service staff if the store can order the foods you need.

What if the store staff and I disagree about whether I can use my WIC benefits to buy a certain food?

The WIC Shopping Guide lists WIC approved foods. Stores have copies of the guide. You can ask to talk with the store manager and/or call the state WIC office at 1-800-841-1410 for information.

What if the store staff refuse to sell a WIC approved food to me?

Complete a WIC incident report form.

Do WIC shoppers have to buy everything that's listed on their WIC benefits?

No, shoppers don't have to buy all the foods listed on their WIC benefits. You can shop as many times as you need to before the “last date to spend” and you only need to buy what you want.

Can stores substitute a food or offer a raincheck if the WIC food is out of stock?

No, substitutions and rain checks aren't allowed.

Can WIC Shoppers use coupons with their WIC benefits?

Yes. WIC Shoppers can help serve more families by using coupons and loyalty cards, and by choosing lower priced foods. WIC Shoppers can participate in store specials too. This includes buy one, get one free offers. The “buy one” food must be WIC approved. The “get one free” food doesn't have to be WIC approved.