Water System Marketing Resources


The Value of Water

We participate in the national Value of Water campaign, Imagine a Day without Water, in partnership with the Value of Water Coalition. The campaign promotes awareness and education on the importance of water to the economic, environmental, and social well-being of America.

We have five designs available for bill inserts, linked below. You may order them, at no cost, from the Publications Database (enter only the publication number to order). Order in increments of 100, up to 1,000 total. The PDFs below show the five available designs.

331-578 (PDF) [Morning Coffee]

331-579 (PDF) [Firefighters]

331-580 (PDF) [Empty Pool]

331-581 (PDF) [Stalls]

331-582 (PDF) [Washer]

Double-sided, three to a page, print it yourself utility bill inserts

Morning Coffee Double-Sided (PDF)

Firefighters Double-Sided (PDF)

Empty Pool Double-Sided (PDF)

Stalls Double-Sided (PDF)

Washer Double Sided (PDF)

Printer-ready utility bill inserts for commercial printing

The utility bill inserts below show all printer's marks for your print shop. Download directly from the links.

331-578-PRINT (PDF) [Morning Coffee]

331-579-PRINT (PDF) [Firefighters]

331-580-PRINT (PDF) [Empty Pool]

331-581-PRINT (PDF) [Stalls]

331-582-PRINT (PDF) [Washer]

Water Conservation Brochures

The following seven water conservation brochures on are available to order, at no cost, from the Publications Database (enter only the publication number to order), or print them yourself.

331-120-1 Indoor Water Conservation (PDF)

331-120-2 Outdoor Water Conservation (PDF)

331-120-3 Lawn Watering (PDF)

331-120-4 Indoor Water Audit (PDF)

331-120-5 Meter Reading and Leak Repair (PDF)

331-120-6 Soil Preparation Planning (PDF)

331-120-7 Irrigation and Landscaping (PDF)

Additional resources

Tap Water Key Messages (PDF): Campaign theme, tagline, sample tagline uses, and additional key messages.

Tap Water Fact Sheet (PDF): this fact sheet includes simple facts about water and how to be a responsible water user.

Tap Water Quiz (PDF): this Tap Water Quiz is provided for utilities to use in newsletters or other customer communications.

Tap Trivia for Kids (PDF): teachers might want to use this quiz to engage their students in a discussion about water issues. Utilities may wish to share it to help their youngest customers understand the value of water.

Tap into Goodness Article (PDF): this article describes the benefits of tap water and educates residents on how tap water is regulated and tested. Utilities may insert their company name at several places throughout the article.

Ideas for Projects (PDF): this document is full of great ideas for fun projects that will help get the word out about tap water.