Alternative Drinking Water Program

In 2023, with the Washington State Legislature, we created the Alternative Drinking Water Program (ADWP) to assist individual well owners and small water systems with contamination to provide access to safe drinking water. The program supports private and Group B well users impacted by regional and specific contamination events. This opportunity allows communities to address PFAS, Nitrate, Arsenic, Uranium, and other contaminates.

Funding is available now through June 30, 2025. We will ask for continued funding for the next state fiscal year during the next legislative session. The funding is intended to be used by a Local Health Jurisdiction or community organization. Funding is provided through contracts using a reimbursement model.

Program specific activities may include—but are not limited to—water quality sampling, lab analysis, water delivery, technical assistance, and treatment units to allow for drinking and cooking.

ADWP is in our Policy and Planning Section with close ties to our new Foundational Public Health Services program.

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