Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF)

2022 Construction Loan Overview

Applications October 1 to November 30.

Intended Use Plan (IUP) 

We are pleased to announce the Twenty-Sixth Federal Capitalization Grant DWSRF IUP. DWSRF is a federal/state partnership program whose purpose is to, (1) provide loans to public water systems for capital improvements aimed at increasing public health protection, and (2) provide a source of funds for other Safe Drinking Water Act activities.

General Information

The Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) makes funds available to drinking water systems to pay for infrastructure improvements. This program is funded through federal and state money and subject to state laws and additional federal regulations.

The program provides:

  • Low-interest construction loans to publicly- (municipal) and privately-owned drinking water systems. These loans cover capital improvements that increase public health and compliance with drinking water regulations.
  • Loan repayments can range from 20 to 30 years. In some cases, partial loan forgiveness is offered.
  • Consolidation Feasibility Study grants.

How to Apply Online Using WALT

Emergency Loan Webpage

StoryMap of Project Profiles

We're advertising our successful projects in a new, more engaging way—through a StoryMap. This is a data-driven way to talk about a project and provides a map tour and synopsis of successful DWSRF projects around the state. Each point on the map links to a description and photo, with a link to more details. We hope this new way to communicate our successes inspires other drinking water systems to participate in our program and gives them new ideas for solving challenges they may face. Visit the DWSRF StoryMap!

Infrastructure Bill Funding

DWSRF Infrastructure Bill Funding Fact Sheet 331-685 (PDF)

    System Improvement Team (SYNC)

    Per ESHB 1677 passed by the 2017 Legislature, Department of Health has been directed to participate in SYNC along with Department of Ecology, Department of Commerce, and Public Works Board. For more information on SYNC, please visit the following webpage. commerce.wa.gov/building-infrastructure/sync-systems-improvement-team

    Learn how City of Olympia used DWSRF funding to address corrosion control in their water system without using chemicals.

    Preconstruction Loan

    Preconstruction Loan applications will be accepted year-round. Eligible projects will be funded on a first-come basis until funding is exhausted. The guidelines, fact sheets, application worksheets, and webinar presentations are here for your information.

    Asset Management Training

    Asset Management training counts toward bonus points on your DWSRF application. Here's the link for the Asset Management Training webinar video.

    Materials for this webinar.

    If you have problems downloading these files, viewing the video, or have questions please email dwsrf@doh.wa.gov.

    How to Apply Online Using WALT

    Washington Loan Tracking (WALT) is the Washington State Department of Health Office of Drinking Water's online loan and grant management tool. You may submit applications for funding opportunities, check the status of your application, and submit applicable documentation through WALT.

    NOTE: Pre-registration is required to access WALT this year. If you're already in the WALT system, no action is needed.

    For WALT Pre-registration and other user help, please email DWSRF@DOH.WA.GOV.

    Please refer to the Washington Loan Tracking External User Guide 331-614 (PDF).

    After You Are Approved For a Loan

    Environmental review and cultural review

    All federally funded infrastructure projects must undergo both an environmental and a cultural review. These identify and analyze potential impacts a project might have on environmental, historical, and cultural resources.


    If your project is funded, your contracts manager will contact you for your project scope of work negotiation.

    If your project is funded, refer to the DWSRF Customer Loan Handbook 331-586 (PDF) for your next steps. Here's a Loan Payment Calculator for your use.


    Link to mail and physical addresses.

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