Pandemic Flu

When a new kind of flu virus appears for which there is no immunity and no existing vaccine, it can spread rapidly from country to country. This rapid spread is called a pandemic.

Pandemics occur several times each century and can range in severity from the 2009 H1N1 pandemic to the crippling 1918 flu pandemic. Preparing for a pandemic is a big challenge that government cannot handle by itself. We all need to make sure we are personally prepared. The resources listed on this page can help.

Planning for a pandemic

Information for businesses, schools, local and state government agencies, public health agencies, tribes and other organizations.

Basic information

For tribes

  • H1N1: A Message to Tribal Members: This video message was used by tribes during the H1N1 outbreak and is made available for historical reference and tribal outreach training. Watch video (3:38 mins).
    View transcript (Word).

Websites with more pandemic flu information

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