Your Privacy

This website is a safe place to find abortion information.

  • The Department of Health does not save or track your personal data but your browser or device does.
  • Make sure you talk with the abortion clinic where you seek care about any privacy concerns you have before and during your appointment.

Your right to abortion privacy in Washington 

Washington law guarantees the right to abortion privacy. This includes the right to: 

  • Choose or refuse to have an abortion without anyone else’s consent.
  • Have all information about your abortion sent to you instead of the person who pays for your health insurance (including parents and spouses).

While Washington law ensures websites, apps and social media platforms cannot collect or share your personal health data without your consent, it is still important to protect your digital privacy. This can help prevent others from accessing information about your abortion.

Except in special cases, Washington health care providers can’t share your information with anyone unless you say it’s OK. 

If you live or have insurance outside of Washington 

Insurance from another state may not be required to keep your information private. Tell the abortion clinic before your appointment if this is a concern. There may be services that can cover costs confidentially, like the Northwest Abortion Access Fund, or you may be able to pay out-of-pocket.

If you are under 18 

You do not need permission from your parent, guardian, health care provider, or anyone else to get an abortion in Washington. 

Health care providers generally cannot inform your parent, guardian, or anyone else that you received an abortion. An exception is if the pregnancy involves child abuse, including physical or sexual abuse. In those cases, the provider must report the abuse to the police or to child abuse authorities such as Child Protective Services (CPS). These authorities may contact your parent or guardian. 

Privacy through your insurance provider 

If you are on another person’s health insurance plan, like a parent or spouse, your abortion information could be shared with them.

To make sure your abortion information is only shared with you, call your insurance company before your appointment to ask where information about your care will be sent and for instructions on how to submit the Confidentiality Request Form.

Privacy Risks at Anti-Abortion Facilities

Anti-abortion facilities, sometimes called Crisis Pregnancy Centers or Pregnancy Resource Centers, look like medical clinics or health centers offering pregnancy care but do not provide abortions, abortion referrals or other sexual and reproductive health services.

They are not required to keep your information private or follow HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) guidelines – meaning they can inform others that you are seeking abortion care.

Our Abortion home page has guidance on how to avoid Anti-Abortion Facilities and find a trusted abortion provider in Washington.