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The Project Firstline Podcast, hosted by the Washington State Department of Health, is geared towards frontline healthcare workers to bring awareness to infection prevention and public health practices. We identify the importance and impact of infection prevention on our lives and on the lives of our community.


Washington Infection Control Online Training

We offer a six-part interactive training series to provide frontline healthcare workers with infection prevention and control education. This training is offered in both English and Spanish. Participants are able to earn continuing education and continuing nursing education (CE/CNE) credits. The series is based on CDC Project Firstline content and focuses on the following six modules:

Infection Control 

Job aids for Infection Control:
English (PDF) | Español (PDF)Русский (PDF)Tagalog (PDF) | Tiếng Việt (PDF)

How Germs Can Spread on Surfaces

Job aids for How Germs Can Spread on Surfaces:
English (PDF)Español (PDF) | Русский (PDF)Tagalog (PDF)Tiếng Việt (PDF) 

How Germs Can Spread via Respiratory Droplets

Job aids for How Germs Can Spread via Respiratory Droplets:
English (PDF)Español (PDF) | Русский (PDF)Tagalog (PDF)Tiếng Việt (PDF) 

Proper Hand Hygiene

Job aids for Proper Hand Hygiene:

Pocket Aid
English (PDF)Español (PDF) | Русский (PDF)Tagalog (PDF)Tiếng Việt (PDF) 

English (PDF)Español (PDF) | Русский (PDF)Tagalog (PDF)Tiếng Việt (PDF) 

Proper Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Job aids for Proper Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

PPE Don/Doff with Facemask
English (PDF)Español (PDF) | Русский (PDF)Tagalog (PDF)Tiếng Việt (PDF)

PPE Don/Doff without Facemask
English (PDF)Español (PDF) | Русский (PDF)Tagalog (PDF)Tiếng Việt (PDF) 

Cleaning and Disinfection

Job aids for Cleaning and Disinfection:

English (PDF)Español (PDF) | Русский (PDF)Tagalog (PDF)Tiếng Việt (PDF) 

IP Champion Flyer (PDF)

Project Firstline Promotion Flyer (PDF)

Project Firstline Information Flyer (PDF)

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Frontline Infection Prevention Champions

A Frontline Infection Prevention (IP) Champion facility has demonstrated that 90% of their frontline staff have completed the Washington Project Firstline Infection Control Training series.

Their commitment to infection prevention and control education and training protects their staff, patients/residents, families, and community from the spread of infection. Join the Champions (PDF)!

Champion Facilities
  • Fort Steilacoom Competency Restoration Program