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WIC's temporary increase for fruit and vegetable benefits is continuing through September 2022.


Starting October 1, 2022, WIC is increasing the fruit and vegetable benefits! WIC participants will get more money for frozen and fresh fruits and vegetables each month.

  • $25 for children participants
  • $44 for pregnant and non-breastfeeding participants
  • $49 for breastfeeding participants
  • $73.50 for participants fully breastfeeding twins or triplets

Infants 9-11 months can receive $4 for frozen and fresh fruits and vegetables each month in addition to baby food fruits and vegetables. 
Make a plan to use your WIC fruit and vegetable benefits. Find recipes, tips, and ideas here.

4 Things Flyer (PDF) | Read the announcement in other languages

WIC Forms

When you participate in WIC, staff will ask you for some information. Some forms are required to participate. WIC staff will let you know if you need to fill out any of these forms.

WIC Rights and Responsibilities form - view all languages
Race and Ethnicity Tool - view all languages
Statement of Income form (Affidavit for income) - view all languages
No Proof of Identity Form - view all languages
No Proof of Residency Form - view all languages

Measurement and Bloodwork Information Form (PDF)

WIC Card Information

Shopping with WIC - Setting up and using a WIC card

Shopping with Your WIC Card tool | Comprando con su tarjeta WIC

WIC Foods and Formula

WIC Foods

WIC Formula

WIC Medical Documentation Forms

WIC Shopping Guide

WIC Shopper app

WICShopper app Information Card - view all languages

Nutrition Education

Nutrition Education Handouts

0-6 Months–Tips for My First Six Months
6-12 Months-Tips for Me As An Older Baby
Beans: The Bold and Beautiful Book of Bean Recipes
Healthy Fish Guide - Fish/Seafood Wallet Card
Healthy Choices for Kids
Healthy Tips for New Moms
Healthy Weight Gain During Pregnancy
I Can Eat Finger Foods
I'm Ready for a Cup
I'm Ready! Feeding Family Foods to Your Baby
I'm 1 – Let's have fun!
I'm 2 – Look what I can do!
I'm 3 – Please play with me!
I'm 4 – Let's explore!
Iodine information sheet
My Pregnancy, My Baby, and Me: Gestational Diabetes
Pump Up the Iron
The Facts About Constipation
Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy
Tips for Feeding Picky Eaters
WIC Graduation Certificate
What are you feeding your baby?
55 Ways to Add More Fruits and Vegetables Every Day

Nutrition Education Resources for Families

Kid friendly recipes, tips about feeding your children, and ideas to improve your whole family's health and nutrition.

Information for Clinic Staff

Resources for Families